The Secret of Making Money Before the Come Out – make money at a casino

Pssst…! Wanna know a secret?How about the secret of making money before the come out?Wouldn’t it be nice to find a relatively safe way to bet so you can make more money on a consistent basis? When craps pros make their pass line bets, they usually make another bet that almost insures them a profit. However this bet is made just before the come out.Wanna know how craps pros make a profit even before the point is established?Let’s find out!This method involves placing the 5, 6, 8, and 9 along with a $25 pass line bet to protect you from the seven. You’ll bet $25 on the pass line, place $5 each on the five and nine and $6 each on the six and eight. Be sure to request that all of your bets be “ON” for the come out roll. Let’s see what happens now when each number hits -4 or 10 – no win/loss5 or 9 – win $7 (7:5 odds on $5)6 or 8 – win $7 (7:6 odds on $6)7 – win $3 (+$25 pass – $22 place)11 – win $25 (+$25 pass )2 or 12 – lose $25 (- $25 pass )3 – lose $25 (- $25 pass )So, after 36 theoretical come out rolls, the following should occur:4/10 – no win/loss5/9 – win $56 (+$7 x 8) (the 5 or 9 rolls four times each)6/8 – win $70 (+$7 x 10) (the 6 or 8 rolls five times each)7 – win $18 (+$3 x 6) (the seven rolls six times)11 – win $50 (+$25 x 2) (the 11 rolls two times)2/12 – lose $50 (-$25 x 2) (the 2 and 12 roll one time each)3 – lose $50 (-$25 x 2) (the 3 rolls two times)This comes out to a $194 win (56 + 70 + 18 + 50) and a loss of $100 (- 50 – 50), resulting in a net profit of $94!But remember, you will still have a $25 pass line bet that you can not remove. This is why this system is for regular pass line players only. It is a terrific method for you, as a pass line bettor, to make some extra money before the come out.So, after the come out you’re left with a pass line bet (you’ve already dealt with the craps numbers) and you can leave your place bets up for any one more hit. You can also take odds on your pass line bet, like you would normally do.If you’re a pass line player anyway, you really should give this system a try before the come out. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll win and how easy it is to play!Pssst…! Now you know the secret of making money before the come out!(c) 2005 by Larry Edell

Horse Racing Betting – Does Making Money From Horse Racing Ever Get Boring? – make money at a casino

Winning money (or earning it in this case) never gets boring! Some people like the horse racing environment because of the thrill of picking a winner, others like it because of the money you can make on a regular basis. I am one of the latter group and I don’t much care for the selection process. Studying form and the history of each horse, rider and stable is to me, boring. If I wanted to know all that stuff I would enter the industry from a completely different position.It is much the same as a professional casino gambler. They do not go to the casino every day because of the flashy environment and the people they might meet, they go because of the money they expect to make. If you are a person who likes to spend hours sifting through endless information, stats and data, just to select what you might think is going to win a race, good luck to you. You will probably never make any real money from horse racing.On the other hand if you are someone who has decided that you like the idea of being able to make money from the races on a consistent and sustaining basis, then my hat goes off to you. What could be better than being able to consider horse betting as a way of life? Something that can easily be operated from your home, boat, on holiday, and from any location around the world, simply trading your money for the money that comes from those who lose, is a business model worth serious consideration.If you knew that over the period of a year, every ten dollars you spent on bets, was going to result in twenty dollars return, you would certainly invest the money right?! Horse betting can do this and more! Sitting at your computer for an average of four to six hours a day and working your system, means that you can be at home with or around the kids, you can dictate your own working conditions, and you can make better money than most executives who travel to work each day in the traffic, sit in an office amongst people who don’t really want to be where they are, and all the time making the company they work for more money.In today’s tough employment climate it makes sense to have an opportunity to create and dictate your own earnings. It makes sense that if you can’t for whatever reason get employment in a “normal” job market, you have the ability to start something for yourself. With horse racing, there is no huge initial expense to set up. You have an operating account, capital in that account, a computer and a way to listen to the races. This is really all that is needed, except a system or investment model that is going to make you the money you desire.